Notice of Public Hearing - Proposed Amendments to Zoning & Subdivision Regulations - September 7, 2017



The Middlebury Planning Commission hereby provides notice of a public hearing being held pursuant to 24 VSA §4384 and §4441 for the purpose of hearing public comments concerning the proposed amendment to the Middlebury Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.

The public hearing has been scheduled for:
DATE:   September 7, 2017 at 6:30pm
PLACE:  Municipal Office Building, 77 Main Street, Middlebury, VT 05753
            Large Conference Room

Statement of Purpose: The proposed 2017 Amendment to the Middlebury Zoning and Subdivision Regulations will modify and replace the current Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. The purpose of these regulations is to provide for orderly community development and growth, to further the purposes established in §4302 of the Act, and to implement the Middlebury Town Plan. The purpose of this hearing is to receive public comment on the amended regulations and to discuss any comments provided by the public.
The primary purpose of the proposed amendments is to clarify the existing zoning and subdivision regulations, meet the requirements of state planning laws (24 VSA, Chapter 117), and to comply with the Middlebury 2012 Town Plan.

No changes are proposed to the zoning map. The proposed amendments include clarifications and minor technical corrections to the following sections: Definitions; Section 510, What Requires a Permit; Section 520, Application and Administrative Review Process; Section 540, Conditional Review Process; Section 564, Plat Recording Requirements; Section 620, Lot Area, Width, Coverage, Height and Setback Requirements for Districts; Section 705, Lots Without Frontage; Section 724, Setback Waivers; Section 736, Accessory Apartment Unit; Section 766, Landscaping and Screening; Section 769, Lighting; Section 780, Agricultural and Forestry Uses – Special Regulations; Section 830, Resumption of Nonconforming Use; Section 835, Nonconforming Structures and Section 930, Certificates of Occupancy and Compliance. Content has been added to the landscaping and lighting review standards. Definitions have been added for Guest House, Hotel and Motel. The maximum allowable square footage for an accessory apartment has been increased. The minimum setback allowed by right in the central business district has been increased from 0ft to 5ft. Certain types of house-sharing have been added to the list of zoning exemptions. Standards have been added for the appearance of survey plats to be recorded with the Town. These amendments apply to all geographical areas of the Town.

Location where full text may be examined:
A full report outlining proposed changes to the regulations, and the full text of the proposed regulations can be viewed in the Planning & Zoning Office or the Town Clerk’s Office at 77 Main Street, Middlebury, VT. 

The proposed amendments may also be viewed online on the Town’s web site:

2017 Middlebury Town Plan Amendment (DRAFT)