Climate Economy Initiative Task Force Meeting - October 12, 2017

Greater Middlebury Climate Economy Initiative
Meeting of Task Force on
Home and Business Energy Efficiency and
Renewable Energy Opportunities
Thursday, October 12, 2017
7:00 - 8:30 pm

Middlebury Town Offices
77 Main Street


-          Review and discuss brainstorm list of ideas from September 18th kick-off
-          Develop plan for engaging the larger group at the Community Meeting on October 26
-          Discuss and agree upon Task Force scope
-          Identify other individuals to invite to future meetings


Welcome/Agenda Review (5 minutes)
-          Purpose/goals
-          Introduction of participants

Review Brainstorm of September 18th kick-off (10 minutes)
-          Renewables group
-          Efficiency group
-          Discussion/clarifications

Identify Ideas that Rise to the Top (25 minutes)
-          Are there any ideas/proposals from September 18th that have broad support?
-          Discussion
-          How do we move this conversation forward?

Task Force Scope (15 minutes)
-          Combining renewables and efficiency into one Task Force
-          Pros and cons
-          Decision on moving forward

Plan for October 26 Community Meeting (15 minutes)
-          Possibilities include:

  • Provide an update and an invitation to join the Task Force
  • Sign-up those who might be interested in efficiency/renewables at their home or business
  • Gauge interest in workshops

Next steps (20 minutes)
-          Identify other individuals to invite to future Task Force meetings
-          Committee leadership
-          Other action items from this meeting
-          Set next Task Force meeting