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General Election November 3, 2020 
(Updated September 30, 2020)


Middlebury ballots for the November 3rd General Election have been mailed by the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office. If you are a registered Middlebury voter and have not received your ballot by Monday October 5th contact the Town Clerk or 802-388-8100 X211 or 212.

There is NO IN-PERSON EARLY VOTING at the Town Offices.

VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure you read and follow all the instructions that are on the envelope where you will place your voted ballot. Make sure you sign and date the envelope! The number one reason ballots are determined defective and not counted is because the voter did not sign the certificate on the envelope that contains the voted ballot.


Ballots may be returned by mail in the prepaid envelope or put in the secure drop box located on the landing next to the Town Office entrance near the Library. Ballots may also be dropped off at the polls on Election Day 7am to 7pm at 154 Creek Road, the Middlebury Recreation Center Gymnasium. But the sooner the ballot is returned the better.

BRING THE BALLOT YOU RECEIVE IN THE MAIL WITH YOU TO THE POLLS IF YOU CHOOSE TO VOTE IN PERSON ON ELECTION DAY. Our checklist will show that you have already been issued a ballot.

If you receive a ballot for anyone who no longer lives at your address or it is delivered in error indicate on the envelope that NO SUCH PERSON AT THIS ADDRESS/RETURN TO SENDER and return the envelope to the Town Clerk’s Office in the ballot drop box or by US Postal Service.

Just a note about electing our Justices of the Peace. The JP race is on the back of the ballot and you can vote for up to 15 candidates. THIS IS A CONTESTED RACE! There are 16 candidates. If you vote for all candidates the race will be over voted and will not count.

Vermont State Primary Results
Town of Middlebury
August 11, 2020


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