John Trombley
Water Division Chief

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

After Hours and Emergencies:
Call the Middlebury Police Dept.

The Town’s water supply comes from drilled gravel wells. Water quality is assured by routine bacteriological, organic and mineral testing in accordance with the State’s Water Supply Division. The Water Division publishes an annual Consumer Confidence Report that is sent to all Town water system users. Hard copies of the report can be picked up at Public Works office at 1020 Route 7 South.

Each water service up to and including the curb valve is the responsibility of the Town's Water Division. The waterline beyond that is the customer’s responsibility to maintain. The water meter in the house or business is also maintained and read by the Water Division. However, the valves at the meter are the customer’s responsibility to maintain. Please make sure everyone in the house knows how to shut the water off at the meter. Water meters are read quarterly.

Water pressure fluctuations? Most homes have a pressure-reducing valve (PRV). Over time these devices weaken and can cause fluctuations, even complete shut down.  PRV’s are the responsibility of the customer. Reduced pressure can also be caused by debris in the faucet screen. Clean these screens periodically.

Water main breaks – The Department repairs about 26 main breaks per year.  Please call 388-4045 to report a break; after hours, call 388-3191.

Questions about your water bill?  Contact the Accounting Office at 802-388-8100 ext. 204